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marijuana cnanabis seedsIt all starts with a wee-d seed!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of cannabis seeds & strains to choose from. Browsing big flashy online cannabis seed banks can be a bit of a head f***, but buying cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be a head melting experience.

We keep our catalouge un-bloated, only listing the best of the best cannabis strains from the best weed seed banks.

We’ve listed some old skool favorites like Skunk and the famous White Widow alongside new skool strains bred from the likes of Big Berners Girl Scout Cookies strain from the USA, it’s inspired a whole new generation of growers, breeders and smokers.

It’s not not that all seeds not listed in our catalouge are bad, but it’s  a huge minefield out there. We cut throught the ditch weed so you don’t have to!

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